Genetic Test Report

The report contains 17 pages with graphs and descriptions:

Types of Patterns
A thorough analysis of the types and combinations of your fingerprint patterns, providing key insights into the functioning of your body’s systems.
Learning Type
These indicators suggest the type of learning you are best suited to. It provides direction as to what fields of study you would excel at, as well as the methods of learning that will help you to succeed in your chosen field.
Career Guidance
The genetic test helps you determine the professional areas and roles you will fit into best, based on your personality and innate abilities.
Athletic Guidance
Dermatoglyphic methods have long been used in order to ascertain people’s athletic capabilities. These results will tell you the types of athletic activity you will find the most success and fulfilment in.
The Self-Realization Model
Anyone can take on different roles depending on a given situation. However, every individual has specific roles that allow them to achieve the best possible results while still feeling comfortable. This set of results will give you guidance on what kinds of roles will benefit you most and help you on your path to self-realization.
Health Risk Factors
While these test results do not guarantee that you have or ever will have a particular disease, they do help in understanding the kinds of health risks are embedded in your DNA, which helps you prevent future health problems.
Behavioral Type
These results help you arm yourself with knowledge of your key strengths, weaknesses, and other innate personal and behavioral features. This allows you to create living conditions that suit you best. It also gives you the opportunity to form healthier relationships through self-development.
Nervous System Information
Because fingerprints provide a look into nervous system function and capabilities, this test is able to identify common patterns, as well as how your nervous system differs from the norm.
Every person’s mind and physiology are the result of unique internal factors and the various external influences of their social environment. However, each person also has a specific temperament that is controlled mainly by their nervous system. This portion of your results discusses the innate characteristics of your behavior.
Perception of Novelty
This section describes the ways that you perceive new information. This information helps you utilize your personal ways of processing information so that you can improve your learning habits.

Sample Report

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