Frequent job changes - minus in the interview?


Frequent job changes have grown to be standard. Relocating to another position in order to another company is viewed as an essential condition for that further development and states much more about the energetic, healthy ambitions and curiosity about enhancing their professional abilities.

Candidates, who not remain at work more than 1-24 months, potential companies distrust. It's thought so good employees don't simply disappear. However, everything is dependent around the interview from the applicant. Particularly, what type of causes of departing last job he'd call is dependent around the impression he'd make on your interviewer.

What did it cost to Walt Disney become a successful animator?


Children from around the world love cartoons, the authors of which was the legendary Walt Disney. And Disneyland is still the dream of almost every child. But few know what it cost the world famous cartoonist to achieve success and recognition.

The dream of becoming a cartoonist came from childhood. Already in the 12 years of Walt Disney begins to draw comics and cartoons. He sends them to different magazines, but time is denied. In 18 years, it has finally taken to a newspaper cartoonist, but was soon kicked out of publication due to incompetent.

Why freelance so attractive?


Work on your leisure from all over the world, and doesn't rely on the rigorous time-table, bosses, congested zones along with other "joys" of the office worker - isn't it an aspiration? If ten years ago it had been a novelty, however this type of person increasingly more. They like to visit and produce money online.

Professions, possessing that may lead a life-style abound. It translators, editors, journalists, designers, developers, instructors (from soccer practice subjects to yoga), photography enthusiasts, an accounting firm, lawyers, etc.

Which professions most romantic?


Selecting the next profession, we're led by their very own interests, the demand within the labor market or choose your life-style in compliance using the wishes from the parents. But there's an occupation, which we believe isn't without envy: "That's romantic!" It appears the reps of those professions aren't existence, however a story book. Could it be really? And just what lies behind a halo of romance?

To begin with one of the romantic professions rightfully occupy aircraft pilots and flight family and friends. Takeoffs and landings, beautiful clouds, city lights, magnificent sights, the shape - that is what makes boys and women bind their lives to aviation.

Account in social networks - an ally or an enemy in your job search?


Exactly what do people do when searching for employment? Carefully make summaries, trying to not miss just one detail, which might influence the choice of potential bosses. Choose clothes to appear decent. Someone starts to repeat the complex terms to demonstrate their understanding. But couple of people believe that, thinking about his candidacy for any certain position, a lot of companies don't only study summary and portfolio volume, and accounts in internet sites.

Internet has become a fundamental element of many individuals lives. Statistically, the web uses each year greater than 2 billion people. Each year the amount of customers increases by 13-15%. Accordingly, the growing quantity of accounts in internet sites. Frequently people cautiously fill the fields from the form and spread considerable amounts of private photos that are offered for just about any other user. Couple of people believe that all of this information could be switched against him. It established fact, that police force agencies are utilizing internet sites to locate more information concerning the preferred person. So why wouldn't you utilize this chance to HR-managers and recruitment agencies?

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