Why do we need a bio-metric testing ?

Millions of people around the world are frustrated by their lives and feel as if their educations, jobs, and relationships aren’t going their way. Instead of knowing what kinds of fields they are most likely to succeed in and knowing how best to approach the challenges in their lives, people continue to struggle through life, never feeling quite like they fit in. But how can you detect and discover the talents that you may not realize you have? How do you adjust the course of your life so that you can achieve success? Our genetic testing program will give you the knowledge you need to improve your life. After you take our test, you will get a personal biometric report on your individual abilities, giving you the keys to your success! You’ll find out what type of athlete you are and what kinds of sports you will dominate in. You will find out how your brain processes knowledge to improve the way you learn, and find out what professions you are most suited to. The test will also identify your temperament and identify whether you are genetically predisposed to certain diseases. Thousands of people have used this test and obtained the keys to achieving their goals. Find out what your genes say about you! Get tested!

Based on what method it works?

Have you ever looked at your fingerprints and wondered if there was any meaning to their patterns? It turns out that the complex patterns on your fingertips hold large amounts of information about us. The science that discovers and studies this information is called dermatoglyphics. Thanks to modern technology, humanity has the opportunity to gain access to this newfound wealth of knowledge.
When we first began our work, we hypothesized about the complex relationships between various fingerprint patterns and their relationship to the nervous system. We discovered links between particular fingerprint patterns and people’s health and personalities. To confirm our hypothesis, we performed a reverse experiment with a new group of people. We divided groups based on the complexity of their fingerprint patterns and gave each group psychological testing, hoping that we would be able to determine the type of nervous system they had based on their psychological exam. Our hypothesis was correct: the majority of people with complex patterns had strong nervous systems, and the majority of those with simple patterns had weak nervous systems.

We confirmed the hypothesis of the existence of a direct link between the type of nervous system and the complexity of fingerprint patterns.

Genetic Test IL offers a new, innovative, patented service: determination of genetically caused abilities through fingerprint analysis. These tests are the result of many years of research and hard work. Tens of thousands of people have been tested.

Now, with more than 80% probability, we can determine:

Learning Type
Suitable Professions
Models of Personal Fulfillment
Risk Factors
Predisposition to Being Overweight
How Alcohol Affects You
Predisposition to Addictive Behaviors
Recommended types of athletic activities
Recommended roles in team sports
Personality type
How you perceive new information
Behavioral analysis
Nervous system potential

Genetic Test IL Report grants wide specter useful information.


We do not save / handle / transfer / send / share / etc. an image of fingerprints after the testing and actually at the testing itself for a full analysis it is sufficient to know only the type of fingerprint pattern by which a person can not be identified. The operator determines the type of pattern and introduces already depersonalized data.

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